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Veronica C.

Doordash, Postmates | Riverside, CA

Helps relieve the tension of meeting my monthly financial obligations

I am supporting this cause because my part-time job with DoorDash and Postmates helps relieve the tension of meeting my monthly financial obligations. I am a single mother of two sons with no other financial help. My full-time job covers all living expenses leaving nothing to put away for a rainy day or an emergency. What I earn at the University of California Irvine is not sufficient for me and my children to ever take vacations or have family outings. It's very stressful living paycheck to paycheck and having budget cuts that affect my raises never allowing me to move forward in the financial spectrum. Having a part-time self contracted job that allows me to use my deductions when filing taxes allows me to actually get a small return. I need my part-time job it's not a luxury it's a necessity. We need to support single mothers that work 60 hrs plus per week to provide for their families.

Veronica C.

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We are California rideshare and delivery drivers who support Proposition 22.

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