Tom M.

Lyft | Burbank, CA

I thank God for Lyft and the flexibility it gives me to drive when I can

I am 80 years old and live on my Social Security ONLY!! My children have moved to different states because they couldn't afford to live in California. I have 12 grandchildren. I thank God for Lyft and the flexibility it gives me to drive when I can. I don't feel well enough to drive every day, some days I don't start driving till the afternoon. After expenses the leftover money I make goes towards traveling to see my children. If it were not for Lyft I wouldn't be able to see my children or grandchildren. They don't make enough money to come to see me so I decided I had to do something to be able to go to them. They are very grateful that I am able to make enough money to travel to them and so am I. I pray that the California government doesn't take this away from me and I die without my grandchildren knowing who their grandfather is. I won't be able to drive on restricted hours or times because I never know how I'll be feeling and whether or not I'll be able to drive that day. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.

Tom M.

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