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Mia G.

DoorDash, Instacart | San Diego, CA

Driving for Lyft is the best job for me because I get to set my own hours

Before the pandemic, I was working for Instacart and driving for Lyft. I couldn't handle Instacart because it's too much on my feet. Lyft is the most perfect job in the world for me due to my health issues. I can't sit for very long or stand for very long. I've had six strokes in two years. I have a heart monitor implanted in my heart. I have a few more elements as well. Driving for Lyft is the best job for me because I get to set my own hours, make my own money, get paid instantly and not work if my body does not allow me to for that day, or for up to one week to a month. I'm also in the hospital a lot due to my health issues so that would not allow me to have a regular job. When I have my strokes, I have to re-learn to walk, talk, and see again. I only wish Lyft had been around when I first started working at the age of 16 years old. I have never been able to hold down a job until now! I am a retired child care provider of 30 years…I need Lyft! California needs Lyft!

Mia G.

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