Meredith S.

Doordash | San Ramon, CA

I can work when I have time, whenever or wherever I want

When gig economy jobs became available, I had been waiting for something like that for a long time. My work ethic is strong, but I don't fit into the 9-5 box. I started my own consultation business 5 years ago so that I could have flexible work hours because that's the way I'm happy working. However, owning your own business, sometimes income is lean. Last summer, my husband was laid off and I lost a major client all at once. My husband decided to take the opportunity to switch careers, however, he needed to take several months to go through training in order to do so. Having a typical job would not allow him enough flexibility to also go through training quickly, nor is it very easy to even get an interview, much less get hired somewhere right away. Believe me, he's been putting in applications every week, with zero response. So, as soon as he got laid off, I signed up for DoorDash. This was something that was easy to start (I started working and making money the day of my orientation), no need to sit around hoping I'd get a call for an interview. I can work when I have time, whenever or wherever I want. This has been a major saving grace that's allowed us to keep our home and pay bills while my husband is training. Unemployment wasn't cutting it.

Meredith S.

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