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Maria A.

Lyft | Salinas, CA

The flexibility to choose how you spend your time is so valuable

I took a leave of absence from my job to care for my mother who was in hospice over 2 years ago. When she passed, I attempted to return to my career/work, but I was relieved of my position. While on my leave of absence, the organization went through a restructuring and my position was eliminated. I thought to myself, I'd be back to work in no time, however, 18 months later I find myself still going on interviews. My unemployment has run out and driving for Lyft for the last 8 months has helped pay my bills. Flexibility is so important to me since I am still going to interviews. The flexibility to drive when I am available allows me to continue my job search and attend the scheduled interviews I sometimes do not have the opportunity to schedule but are scheduled for me. Another reason flexibility is important to me is, more recently, my car was in the shop for two weeks. Flexibility allows me to drive and make up hours/money I missed out due to unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, I can help my family members during their time of need and choose my own driving time around important family events. Seeing my mom in her last days and seeing her take her last breath, was a profound reminder that time is irreplaceable. As a Lyft driver, the flexibility to choose how you spend your time is so valuable.

Maria A.

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