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Linda T.

DoorDash, Postmates, Instacart | Copperopolis, CA

Let's keep the door open for a new way that offers flexibility and independence

As a grandmother I found myself having to start my life over. For 3 years I was desperate to find work. Nobody would hire me because I had given up my career years ago to become a homemaker. Due to an aging parent that I took care of for 20 years and children, it made more sense to care for my family than to hire someone else to. The 30-year gap in my work history didn't seem to be something that garnered respect or admiration for my familial sacrifice and commitment. When my father died because he was so strong he fought for a month before he passed. My employers at the time were not sympathetic and I was constantly penalized for the time I took off for family. This is called the MOTHER'S PENALTY. Many articles have been written on this subject because women all over the planet have experienced this. At this age, I don't want to be someone's employee. I'm a self-starter and I don't want to answer to someone about my personal life. I work and get paid. This work format fits my life. I've been in charge of a big family and enjoy the option to work or take time off when needed without begging permission or disclosing personal information about my life. The endless revolving door of employee subjugation and dime a dozen minimum wage employment has seen enough people quit and rehire. Those are the old ways. Let's keep the door open for a new way that offers flexibility and independence.

Linda T.

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