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Lareina W.

Rideshare & Delivery Driver | Victorville, CA

Please do not take away our way of making a living

As a single mom with three toddlers, getting a job with good hours and finding a babysitter, especially during COVID-19, is especially tough. Doing DoorDash and Lyft has really helped me out especially when money is short for diapers and formula. We are always safe especially with contactless deliveries and it’s a fast way to make quick money especially since the pandemic and because people are losing their jobs. This job also helps students make some extra cash and work around their schooling. People of all ages do this job and it helps them get by. Jobs like these are keeping people off the street and out of trouble. I just had a job at PizzaHut working 30 hours a week and make more money doing DoorDash and have more time with my kids every day, especially with homeschooling. Please do not take away our way of making a living.

Lareina W.

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We are California rideshare and delivery drivers who support Proposition 22.

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