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Kiara W.

Lyft | Vallejo, CA

Flexibility is still important

I've been working for Instacart for about 3 years now. I started 6 months after I had my first child. The convenience of being able to create my own schedule and cancel if needed without the possibility of being fired, helped me tremendously, whenever babysitting became a problem. That same flexibility is still important to me because three years later, I'm still a single mother and can't afford child care. The extra income also helps a lot with California's rising cost of living. Maintaining a home on my own in the Bay Area is difficult at times because it seems as though no matter how much money I make, it is not enough. But with Instacart, I always have a cushion to support me when needed. Whether I need to do an order or two to get gas, or work all day to afford food for the week for my son and I, Instacart is always a reliable option without having to rely on the government for benefits. I would rather leave those benefits for those who are really in need. I have a full-time job working mostly overnight so that I can go to school during the day. It's helpful that I'm able to pick up on demand orders in between classes. I enjoy working as an independent contractor and would be devastated if this new law were set in stone. Taking away flexibility from Instacart would most likely result in me having to move to another state because it is just too expensive to afford living in California without a side hustle.

Kiara W.

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