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Juan W.

DoorDash, Postmates | San Jose, CA

It is very flexible with my school schedule and also my other job

Hello! I drive with DoorDash every day. It is very flexible with my school schedule and also my other job, it pays my bills, feeds me, and keeps me on my feet while I am in school! Its great for me because I can work whenever I want to and whenever I am in need. I also feel as if I am doing a good deed for the people who order through DoorDash as well. Not only am I bringing people the food they need and deserve, but I am always cautious about how I handle the food. I make sure the containers don't touch any dirty surfaces, they go directly from the restaurant, into the DoorDash bag, and delivered right to the customers' door. During these hard times of the COVID-19, I have been consistently washing my hands, wearing a mask and gloves, and applying hand sanitizer when necessary to avoid spreading any germs there may be out there. I also have been practicing "noncontact deliveries" and leaving the customers' food where requested or on a clean surface near their front door. I am always in contact with the customer about any special needs with the order or with the delivery. Thank you to the community providing me with work, and I'll be happy to continue to safely deliver your orders! Have a nice day!

Juan W.

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