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Jennifer H.

Uber, Lyft | Rocklin, CA

I love the work and enjoy the flexibility

I chose to be a Lyft and Uber driver because of its flexibility to work when I was available to work. My mother had metastatic breast cancer and was critically ill for nine months before she passed away in March 2019. I needed a job that was flexible so I could care for my mother and still be able to work and pay my bills. I needed to be able to log off when she had doctor appointments, had to go to the ER, or when she needed her scheduled treatments. Most workplaces would frown on someone needing to leave so often to go care for a sick and dying loved one. As a driver, I chose the hours I was available and was able to give 100% when I was free and able. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been able to care for my mother and still be able to pay my bills while working as a driver. There are a lot of people in this world who are dealing with similar situations and need jobs that are flexible. Even though my mom has passed I still choose to be a driver because I love the work and enjoy the flexibility. I meet so many interesting people every day and they need us out there. Riders are grateful for their drivers!!!!

Jennifer H.

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