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Janet A.

DoorDash | Corona, CA

I'm glad I could help provide not only for my family but for many other families as well

I am a part-time college student, before this pandemic began I was going to school and working a part-time job to help my family with household expenses. Flash-forward, post-pandemic I found myself out of a job and my parents at risk of the same fate. I was desperately trying to find a job that met my qualifications so that I could continue to help support my family. I was so relieved when I discovered DoorDash was hiring new drivers in my area. I applied and was quickly hired. The timing was perfect being that many people were ordering online which provided more work for all the drivers. DoorDash saved me. I was able to continue to pay my bills and help provide for my family. The flexible schedule allowed me to prioritize my schoolwork and dash during my free time. I have met many different people of my community during my time working with DoorDash and I'm glad I could help provide not only for my family but for many other families as well. So I ask that you please allow me to continue working for DoorDash as it is currently my only form of income at this time and my family's only means of survival. We are all in this crisis together and we'll make it through this tough time together.

Janet A.

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