Gregory S.

Lyft | Redwood City, CA

I love my contractor status and my independent self reliance

Every day, when I'm ready to help people get around it makes me very happy. I have grandkids and my daughter often calls for help with her 3 kids. My wife owns a business and since we aren't young any longer she needs help once in a while. To keep myself strong and healthy I have to exercise, and a certain routine takes time. Most importantly I have to support myself and my lifestyle and ride share gives me that opportunity to do so. It gives me a chance to work when I can do it and for as long as I can do it. I don't have a manager, my passenger is my boss. I don't have to clock in or out. I love my contractor status and my independent self reliance. Thank you Uber and Lyft for giving me that opportunity.

Gregory S.

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