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Forrest O.

Lyft | Woodland, CA

Rideshare driving permits me to set my schedule based on medical needs

Several medical, non-contagious issues I have mean I should not continue to do my previous types of employment. I am 64 years old and need to be 66 years 3 months old to collect optimum Social Security Benefits. Rideshare driving permits me to set my schedule based on medical needs as well as my other scheduled events, being a fly fisher/photographer/traveler/author/activist, as well as providing an income sufficient to my needs. I have been able to be much more involved in the above-mentioned activities I would not have been being an "employee". Changing my classification and setting my schedule by others would force me to look for another option, of which I believe there are very few. I really enjoy my interactions with most of my passengers in which we share thoughts and experiences that may help each other in ways we will discover later. Many of my passengers have thanked me in length for my insights. I also have the freedom to choose where I drive to seek passengers and make a point to "serve" areas others do not as they seek to optimize their income, where I seek to also create other markets by being available possibly "donating' time. Many passengers are interested in my life's experiences, many of which have very little of their own and say they are encouraged to seek more by my sharing. I suspect changing this situation for me would lose me and others similar to me, losing an attitude positive to the needs of the passengers. It most likely will result in longer wait times and larger fees for the service which would be detrimental to some with limited resources. It likely will adversely affect the good done relating to DUIs.

Forrest O.

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