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Colleen T.

Postmates | Los Angeles, CA

I feel I am doing something of value

I am semi-retired and have been looking for something flexible to earn money and get me out of the house. I lost my husband nearly a year ago and found myself avoiding the world outside my door because my grief has been so intense. So I signed up to do deliveries with Postmates. I enjoy my tasks and the money is important, as well. It has helped me to know I am contributing in the business cycle helping small and large businesses to stay relevant with consumers through this pandemic situation. The pandemic has had a global economic impact and if I can be a tiny cog in the wheel keeping the economy going, then I feel I am doing something of value. I especially like the autonomy I have in working when I find it convenient for my own personal schedule. The customers' kindness encourages me to have hope and faith in myself, at a time of personal transformation to a new life path on my own. This just a general summary of my story about why I feel this work is of personal significance to me.

Colleen T.

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