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Chris P.

DoorDash | Indio, CA

Wouldn’t be able to do this without the flexibility

The Coachella Valley has many older American retirees, some of whom cannot venture out to even get their basic needs fulfilled. The reasons are many. They may have underlying health conditions that put them at risk during the pandemic, they may be handicapped, the summer heat may be too much for them or they may not have a car or access to public transport. Groceries, basics, and food orders (and even a moment of face to face interaction) are provided by those who work this service. These are all at risk by politicians who think they know better than the thousands of people who chose to provide this service independently, without the constraints of a schedule. I, for one, wouldn’t be able to do this without the flexibility that this job provides in its current form. For once I wish politicians would think of someone other than themselves and instead take a moment and think of us workers and the bad effect this would have on us and the people we want to help; the elderly, single moms, handicapped, shut-ins and busy essential workers.

Chris P.

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