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Bryan A.

DoorDash | San Diego, CA

No other job would offer as many opportunities

Hello, I am Bryan A. and I'm a senior at Mount Miguel High School. I have been seeking a part-time job to save up money for college and help with my household. I am currently committed to SDSU as I have received enough funds to pay for my first year and because it's my dream school. I wanted to work to save for books or any emergency without taking out a loan. Hearing about DoorDash made me wonder if it was worth and when trying it, it was totally worth it. I earn money when I can through DoorDash and I'm saving it all up when other jobs aren't accepting or giving me a chance for not having experience. Me and my friend go together and split the money as a team and without pay, it would really hurt us because no other job would offer as many opportunities.

Bryan A.

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