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Arthur M.

DoorDash | Oxnard, CA

DoorDash has immensely helped me pay the bills

I am a father for a family of 5. DoorDash has immensely helped me pay the bills. My wife and I each work a full time job, but we do not make enough. With the money we make from DoorDash, we now can make more money to pay the bills and to not have to take out payday loans. As an independent contractor, it is such an advantage as we get the money IN FULL, up front, and we will deal with the taxes next year. Without the independent contractor money from DoorDash, we would have to take payday advances again just to survive. An example on how the upfront DoorDash money helped us, my daughter needed a computer and printer for her online high school classes (due to Covid-19) which in total cost me $1,493.72. I would have to had to take out 6 paydays advances to buy the computer and printer. Now, I was fortunate to have been able to pay it in full, with the money that I made from DoorDash. PLEASE KEEP US AS INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS: TO ALLOW PEOPLE LIKE ME TO WORK HARD, EARN MONEY, AND TO HELP OUR FAMILIES.

Arthur M.

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