Arlana B.

DoorDash | Galt, CA

Found joy in being able to go out and deliver food to families

I am a full time student who has a part time job at the mall. During quarantine, I am unable to continue to work at my part time job, so I started DoorDashing. I started DoorDashing because I am not receiving unemployment during quarantine and I was in desperate need of money. I heard about DoorDash from a friend who was also facing financial issues and they were able to make good money through DoorDash. Working for DoorDash has been a wonderful experience for me because it has helped to relieve financial strain during these stressful times. I have also found joy in being able to go out and deliver food to families who are understandably afraid to go out and get the food themselves. I am happy to be able to deliver food through DoorDash and I do not want this app to be impeded on by the government because it would completely ruin the experience.

Arlana B.

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