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I have and feel more independent as a person

I have been a DoorDasher since the end of July this year. I am in my early 30's (wink, wink) ok late 30's with a boyfriend in his 50's who had 2 heart attacks within a week a few years back. So, having a "regular job" for me was not something for me for a while. I have been trying to take care of him and making sure he is eating healthy and making better health choices to live a long and happy life…Now being able to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing company such as DoorDash not only do I have and feel more independent as a person who has time for myself to do something outside of the home, but the feeling helping others as well with this whole virus scare around the world…Words can't even describe the absolute feeling of being able to work with flexibility and the difference I am able to make for others to have a meal and follow the "stay at home" policy. If we work together, we can get through this together. Whenever, whatever, however, this turns out…The thing is, I don't feel like a hero or know what it feels like to be one. I just know I am happy to help out and have that amazing feeling of doing my part safely and at the same time keeping my sanity. Thank you DoorDash for giving me the feeling of being alive again with flexibility and everything else I am learning and gaining with all of the incentives and opportunities to work with you. I am proud to be a Dasher and will always represent DoorDash with the same respect you give to us as dashers, merchants and our community. So, you better believe I am ALL IN for the "Yes on 22".

Jaden A.


Thousand Oaks, CA

Suszelle M.


Burbank, CA

Jamar H.

Rideshare & Delivery Driver

Anaheim, CA

We are California rideshare and delivery drivers who support Proposition 22.

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