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More than 119,000 drivers and growing are providing essential services as independent contractors: Read their stories on why they drive.

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Bay Area

Alberto L.

Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Postmates, Instacart

San Jose, CA

The total flexibility that my driving career allows making it possible to raise our family

My wife and I set out to raise our 3 kids where we grew up, the bay area. And we wanted to do this 100% without daycare or strangers caring for them. That was critical. And that was doable. But just not our full-time jobs. We both needed extra sources of income that would allow for maximum flexibility; I didn't wanna miss out on school plays, sports, recitals, little league, or time with the kids doing our family things. First driving for the grocery store app, Instacart, then later Shipt, and also driving for Uber and UberEats was a godsend for me. I instinctively knew when the delivery business was greatest, and when ride-sharing was most in-demand and could jump from app to app maximizing my efficiency to achieve the greatest bang for my buck if I had to work those extra hours to make our California dream reality. With my wife's extra part-time job in her chosen field, and with a supportive grandma to be that final link to our goal, our children were raised without the need for daycare or reliance on after school programs, no summer camps away or season tickets to theme parks to dump them off a couple of hours, and never a nanny or teenage babysitters to afford then constantly worry about what they were doing in our home while we were gone. The only grandma on Sundays, so I and my wife could actually spend time with ourselves, her extra job, and the total flexibility that my driving career allows making it possible to raise our family as our own. Keeps our kids always within our loving and watchful care. That is critical to us, and without Prop 22, would be gone in 22 seconds. Please vote Yes on 22 to keep it our way to work and live in California.

John R.

Uber, Instacart

Concord, CA

Omar A.

Uber, Lyft, Instacart

Linda Mar, CA

Marcus H.


San Jose, CA

Charlie B.

Uber, Lyft, DoorDash

San Jose, CA

David H.

Uber, Lyft

Palo Alto, CA

James S.

Rideshare Driver

Brisbane, CA

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